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Toledo, OH 43607

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A service that is unique for a job shop is OBARS\' rework and repair department. We can work with you on anything from emergency repairs of machine parts or tooling to a formal ongoing rework program. This can provide you with a cost-effective source for reusable machine parts and tooling. Additional services, such as welding, bending, carbide depositing and component assembly, are also available. We routinely provide these services to the large industrial corporation as well as to the individual walk-in customer


Research and Development

OBARS\' research and development department continuously reviews our methods and processes to ensure efficiency and quality work. We are aware of ever-changing technology and utilize the latest processes to assist in developing new or redesigned parts. Our years of experience provide a solid base for prototype projects and tooling, from the simplest hand tool to the most complex machine. OBARS\' research and development department assures that production will proceed efficiently to meet your exact delivery requirements. We are available for consulting on any manufacturing project and encourage inquiries regarding metalworking technology.



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